Not All Dreams Are Equal

We all have dreams, but some only dream about what will make them happy, while others dream about will make others happy. We all have dreams, but some dream about how to hoard all the opportunities for themselves, while others dream about how to create more opportunities for everyone else.

We all have dreams, but some dream about climbing to the top of the mountain and then building a fence to keep others out; while, other dreamers lend you their hand, jeopardizing their own chances of arriving, so that everyone can reach the top of the mountain together.

We all have dreams, but some dream beyond their own selfish interest, their own betterment, and their own survival. These dreamers are the ones whose dreams are not for their own personal gain and personal happiness, but for universal gain and universal happiness.

We all have dreams, but some dream in the quicksand of personal vanity; while others, in their dreams, see themselves connected to and reflected in all the others around them. For these dreamers love is universal and their joy increases proportionately with the number of people who are succeeding.

We all have dreams, but these few, who dream about everyone “making” it, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, gender, and nationality, are the few that are now millions. We are multiplying.

We are dreaming inclusively. And, it is caring that is revolutionary. We know what it means to care enough to share our dream with the world; and, not only wish, but work for equality and justice for all beings. This is the dream that will finally allow us all to awaken.

-Written by Hawah Kasat

In loving memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.