We’re heading North! Iceland is one of the planet’s true gems. With a total population of only 330,000, Iceland has struck a perfect balance between a warm, welcoming culture and the raw, untamed beauty of its vast mountainous landscapes. While most toursist groups and cruise lines visit the southern capital city Reykjavik (where the majority of population is), we’ll be heading to 66°North Iceland to the town of Akureyri–one of Iceland’s best kept secrets.The cultural capital of Iceland, Akureyri has been voted the number one destination in all of Europe by Lonely Planet on more than one occasion (including 2015).

With a population of only 18,000, a mild climate on the longest fjord in the country, and close proximity to the Arctic Circle (meaning amazing Northern Lights!), Northern Iceland is truly THE place to visit.

If you’ve never been this close the Arctic Circle … then you are in for a treat.  The Prana is palpable, the earth energy raw and grounded. The nights are dark and star filled – on a clear night you can truly feel your place and connection to the entire cosmos.

Past the darkest nights of the winter solstice, each day adds a little more sunlight, every minute of which we’ll soak up to charge our bodies and spirits for the coming year ahead.  As a group, we’ll set intentions for ourselves, for each other, and for the planet … planting seeds of change, transformation and love.