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As an artist, author, educator, yoga instructor, community organizer, and non-profit leader, Hawah has dedicated his life to teaching about solutions to violence and ways to peace. Having traveled to over 35 countries to facilitate interactive workshops, host dialogues, perform poetry, teach yoga, he speaks with those interested in creating a caring, compassionate, sustainable and equitable world.

Hawah has been regularly featured as a speaker, performer and workshop presenter for People to People International, the Congressional Youth Leadership Council and the Children’s Defense Fund’s Freedom Schools.  He has made appearances on XM National Satellite Radio, BBC, Fox News, CNN, Al Jazerra, and the Pacifica Radio Network.  He has also been a guest speaker at Yale University, George Washington University, U.C.L.A., University of Colorado, Rollins College, University of Maryland, Georgetown University, and Brown University.

Speaking Topics

The Future of Education

The role of schools and education in shaping culture and our future is undeniable. But where did the idea of systematized education begin and where is it leading us? With the efforts and focus on standardized testing, what is being lost and neglected? How can education become a bridge to a sustainable future and a new peace between individuals and nations on Earth? In this talk we will explore the historical roots of education and a bold vision and trajectory for what and how education for the 22nd century and beyond must look like. How shall we merge the pillars of mindfulness, social justice, and the arts into a mainstream vision that creates real alternatives that engage all beings at the various intersections of intelligence.

The Politics of Compassion

Global political, economic, and social systems emphasize competition instead of cooperation. Consumerism, greed and selfishness have laid waste to the rain forests and oceans. Being compassionate is reserved as moral high ground for the oppressed and downtrodden. As wealth disparity increases around the world, why do so many in power fear sharing, caring, and equality? How does the mentality of scarcity affect our day to day interactions and why are we living in a world of Politics without Compassion?

Fly By Light: How High Can You Rise?

An award-winning film about a new pilot after-school program quickly put One Common Unity on the map. But this didn't start yesterday. For 16 years this non-profit was teaching compassion and mindfulness through the arts. Journey into the incredible birth and trajectory of "Fly By Light" through the eyes of the co-founder. If you've ever wondered about the infinite possibilities and simultaneous limitations of a grassroots organization, then come to this important talk that will break down the cycles of growth and dependency and how with lean resources you can still fuel a movement.

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Are there special discounts for nonprofits? Hawah gets this question a lot, given that he has spent the past 15+ years in service to nonprofits, social justice, and nonviolent solutions. The simple answer is this: yes, but depends on the circumstance. It is worth an ask.

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